Ladies stop trying to seem “low key” in order to keep a guy. That: Oh I’m not like other girls, I don’t need your attention, affection, time and love. This whole: Oh we don’t have to go out, or go anywhere. That: No it’s ok, I understand you want to take things slow bc of your trust issues, even…

Unfortunately the culture shift where men no longer take any pride in pursuit has taken place. Girls do this stuff because their options not to are depleting

^^^ with much word.




All of the guys participating in this are black. And these are the same guys who wonder “why do black girls always have an attitude? Why are they always mean?” Hmm, idk, maybe because they have to deal with this crap on a daily basis?

these are the people that ruin it for everyone else  tbh

so basically “besides that fat ass, there’s no reason to like black girls. my black mother that gave birth to me isn’t beautiful. if you’re a black girl and you can’t be fetishized then you’re useless” 

why do you feel a need to ruin a black girl’s day? on top of the double whammy of misogyny and racism we have to deal with in our lives. 

For all the black dudes who were slept on back in the day bc folks thought you were too nerdy/ too quiet / too geeky / too lame / too smart -





- it’s comeback season. Shine on em.

And FYI, I’m sure in the corner of the lunch room or something, there was a shy little shorty who would see you and saw the king in you. Even way back then.


I followed her for this post. It spoke to my heart.

And OMG NO NOT Knowshon Moreno with the tears he’s held in since 1865!!!!!